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Huskies Athletics

Tuscarora High School


Huskies Athletics

Tuscarora High School

Huskies Athletics

Tuscarora High School

Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 8:55AM

Week of 5/3 - 5/7

Week of 5/3 - 5/7

  • Monday Game day vs Loudoun County Bus leaved at 5:20  arrive at 5:10 wear white.  Dress for the wether.  Possible rain.
  • Tuesday practice turf 4:20 - 6:00
  • Wednesday 4:20 - 6 pm turf
  • WEDNESDAY PICTURE 6:15 in gym  bring BLUE uniform
  • Thursday game home.  Meet at 5:45  vs Heritage  wear blue
  • Friday  4:20 - 6:00 Turf

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 9:11AM

Week of 26 to 30 schedule

Week of 26 - 30

  • Monday 12-2 pm on turf
  • Tuesday game.
  • Meet time is tbd Wednesday 4:20 - 6 pm turf
  • Thursday turf 4:20 -6 turf
  • Friday game bus leaves at 5:30 arrive at 5:15

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 11:12AM

Concussion test how to

It’s that time again to get concussion testing done and this year it will all be ONLINE.  

All athletes will be testing this year, unless they played a sport this school year in which case they don’t need to test again.

After figuring out some more things the best way to go about testing the kids at home is for them to follow the link below.\schools

Enter customer code: 1cae934fac
It will say Tuscarora High School

Fill out personal info full name please and make sure you select your correct team. It is super important they select their team

Make sure you read the questions thoroughly especially when it comes to years of experience

The symptom list is symptoms you are currently feeling at the exact moment you are taking the test

When it ask if you have had concussion please do your best to at least pick the correct month and year (if you can’t remember the date just pick on)

If you were to get a concussion we use this test to help return you back to competition.


Please have the test taken by start of practice on Monday April 19th (the test takes about 45 minutes)

Team News

1 month ago @ 1:16PM

After Tryouts schedule and parent meeting

Due to Football making a run at the State playoffs, practice will be different times, until they are complete.


If you make Varsity or JV here are the practice times and events.

Thursday April 15 6:30- 8:30Pm on bermuda 

Friday April 16 2:00-4:00 on Turf.  JV is TBD

Saturday April 17 12:00 - 2:00 Turf  No JV

If football wins.....

April 19 Monday - April 23 Friday  6:30- 8:30Pm on bermuda /turf

PARENT meeting via ZOOM on Monday April 19 at  9:00PM.  last about 40 min.

Saturday April 24 Turf 12-2.

If football wins.....


April 26 Monday - April 30 Friday  6:30- 8:30Pm on bermuda /turf

Season Starts (see schedule) Tuesday  and Thursday games.

if football loses

Turf 4:30-6:30 Varsity

South Field JV 4:30-6:30



Team News

4 weeks ago @ 11:07AM

Tryout update Wednesday tryout time moved to 7:00 -8:45.

Tryout update Wednesday tryout time moved to 7:00 -8:45. We will meet like yesterday and once the turf is free around 7:30 move to that. Emails to your Schoology account will be sent for team selections later tonight.

Team News

2 months ago @ 1:46PM

Boys soccer 2021 season tryout information

Varsity Coaches

            Coach David Lazorchak Contact information

            Assistant Jean-Michela Coughlin

JV coaches



Needed to do BEFORE TRYOUTS for players

            Check Tuscarora High School Boys Varsity Soccer Spring 2020-2021 Team News ( for information.

Join Schoology group X8M8-M3VH-BQM4R

            Follow Twitter THSBVS

            Listen to the school announcements for times.


PAPERWORK NEEDED to be completed BEFORE tryouts.

Get your physical completed and turned in to the athletic office.

Physical form


Sign up for soccer   at

            MUST BE DONE to populate the Daily screening test



COVID SCREENING will need to be filled out on days you have conditioning, practices, or games.  You will get an email daily around 6am to remind you to log in and fill out this form, forms need to be filled out by NOON on the day of practices and conditionings.


Your log in is: your student ID (just the numbers not the part)

Your password is:  LCPS (it needs to be in all caps)

Database should be:  Atslcps


Once you do this you will be prompted to fill out the covid form, please fill out the form honestly.

If you answer “YES” to any of the questions please make sure you still submit the form and then contact your coach.

If you respond “YES” please do not show up!


When it comes time for a signature they need to make sure they check the little box, type their name


Once the covid form is filled out please then go in and update your email address to on where you can have these emails sent daily (so one you check daily) and also please update a phone number.  At this time you can also update your password if you would like.  (In order to update all this information you are going to click ATHLETE INFORMATION)

Smart phone log in

Computer log in


Players What to bring

            A white and dark shirt (example blue, black….)

            A mask




            April 12 Monday Turf TIME 1:30-4:00   Be ready to go at 2:00.  All paperwork completed

            April 13 Tuesday Bermuda field 6:00- 8:30pm  Be ready to go at 6:30.  All paperwork completed

            April 14  Bermuda field 7:00- 8:30 pm  Be ready to go at 7:30.  All paperwork completed


            Finial Cuts April 14 


Please respect the teams on the fields space and time before our practice starts.


NOTE:  Please attend all tryouts, please communicate with coaches if you are not able to attend.   Via email or in person.


What I expect

            Start conditioning now.

            Arrive on time ready to practice. 

            Be ready to show what type of player you are.

            Making a team last year does not give you a spot this year.

            Placement on a team the player will make each practice and game.


Players will be placed on teams based on

  1. Field awareness
  2. Technical ability
  3. Physical ability
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Attitude of player
  6. Position
  7. Commitment to the team

Making a team last year does not ensure you a spot on any team this year.


Team size

            20-22 on Varsity

            ~22 on JV


Practice times (if you make a team)

            Practices will be every day Mon - Fri , most likely after school.  Time is TBD. Varsity will practice Friday April 16 from 2-4.  Varsity will practice on Saturday April 17 and April 24.

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