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Huskies Athletics

Tuscarora High School


Huskies Athletics

Tuscarora High School

Huskies Athletics

Tuscarora High School

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8 years ago @ 6:13AM

Important Insurance Information


Loudoun County Public Schools does not provide medical or accident insurance for students injured while participating in school athletic activities.

Dear Parents and Athletes:

Please note that proof of medical or accident insurance coverage is required for students’ participation in LCPS Athletic Programs.Participation in athletic activities can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries requiring very costly medical attention.

Proof of Insurance Coverage: You will be required to provide the name of your insurance carrier and your policy number on the LCPS Sports Emergency Card. If you don’t already have insurance coverage, you may purchase coverage from any source you desire. There are resources that can be found online or through local insurance agents.

In addition, LCPS provides a resource for you to voluntarily purchase coverage for accidental injuries only (there is no coverage for illness or medical conditions). There are two main types of coverage offered:

1.      COVERAGE FOR ALL SPORTS AND SCHOOL ACTIVITIES EXCEPT FOOTBALL—This accident insurance coverage can apply to School Time Only or 24-Hours a day depending on the plan you choose.
2.      COVERAGE FOR FOOTBALL PARTICIPANTS ONLY—This coverage is for Football Only and does not provide protection for any other activities besides football.
The Voluntary Student Accident and Football Accident Insurance offer Low and High option benefit plans of coverage from which you may choose. If you already have insurance coverage through another policy, these accident plans pay benefits for those eligible expenses in excess of and not paid by your primary insurance.
If there is no other available insurance to you, the purchase of the Voluntary Student Accident and Football Accident Insurance coverage will provide primary insurance protection for the student athlete. 
Your voluntary enrollment in one of these plans should be carefully considered. To review an outline of available benefit options and rates and to enroll in this coverage please go online to or call 1-855-742-3135 or further details. Enrollment in one or both of these applicable plans should be carefully considered.

 Online Enrollment

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